Ronald Buys

Azure Consultant

My name is Ronald Buys, 31 years old and living in Zaandam. Married and father of a daughter. In my daily life I work within Wortell as a Product Owner and Developer.

The combination of these two roles gives me enough challenge. It is nice to bring people, products and services together across different disciplines. In addition, the technology is something I still touch every day, in development or making design choices.

Upcoming sessions:

Deploying Azure DevOps Self-Hosted Agents through AKS

Deploying Azure DevOps Self-Hosted Agents through Azure Kubernetes Services is key to me because this can provide a lot of flexibility, control and low(er) costs in your CI/CD environment. In particular, we're going to talk about its usefulness and I'll show you how quickly it can be set up. On the basis of this session you could get started yourself to experience the benefits!

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