Rik Groenewoud

Azure & DevOps Consultant at Xpirit

Rik Groenewoud is an Azure & DevOps consultant at Xpirit. As part of the Managed Services Team he likes to help customers to truly utilize the power of the Azure Cloud.

Upcoming sessions:

Bring Observability into practice with (Azure Managed) Grafana

With the shift from on-premises to cloud, from monolith to microservices, from VM to 'serverless', the way we run our software applications has changed dramatically. Since this shift the infrastructural complexity increased more and more. As I will explain in this presentation, because of this increasing complexity, we should prepare for the unknown-unknowns instead of the known-unknowns. We must accept that modern systems can (and will) break down in a way we can hardly predict. Traditional monitoring practices do no longer suffice all of our needs and Observability Engineering tries to present a solution for this challenge. Finally, I will give my ideas on how a tool like Grafana can help to bring Observability into practice with a use-case I am working on.

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