Leo Visser

Cloud Consultant

Leo works as a Cloud Consultant for “OGD ict-diensten” (Netherlands) where he consults different companies about making better use of cloud techniques and transforming their application to the cloud. Before that, he worked as a (lead) SysOps engineer for a couple of years. During this time he focused a lot on automating work to free up resources and optimize the work to make sure the customers could be served with a small team of dedicated people. Leo also has a blog https://www.autosysops.com where he shares insights he has gathered during his IT career.

Upcoming sessions:

Level up your Azure DevOps pipelines

Pipelines are awesome for automating everything, it doesn’t matter if you are deploying something or just want some recurring tasks to be performed. But did you know that your pipelines could be a lot better? In this talk we’ll look at Azure DevOps YAML pipelines and all the wonderful features available to us. I'll share my tips and tricks for working with these amazing pipelines. We'll start by looking at implementing rollback scenario’s and how to make parts of your pipeline reusable in other pipelines. We will also look at speeding up the pipeline by running parts in parallel. There will definitely be something new to help you improve your pipelines. So, join me and level up your pipelines too!

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