Carl in 't Veld

Azure Engineer at CloudNation

Senior Microsoft Engineer with a focus in the portal and enterprise content management domain where knowledge and process come together: user interaction and straight-through processing.

Upcoming sessions:

Managing your Azure infrastructure with Terraform

Terraform is a cool infrastructure-as-code tool developed by Hashicorp and has become very popular in the Azure space. We start with discussing Terraform's features and compare it with Microsoft's own Bicep tool. Next, we take off by building a simple infrastructure and move quickly to an Azure enterprise architecture with platform resources and landing zones using reusable modules. By Showcasing a variety of scenarios we will talk you through all the learnings. You will learn about the main Azure-related providers available and how they can achieve your goals. Also, we will discuss a few supportive tools available to create and validate your Terraform configuration. Then, as infrastructure as code is all about governance and automation we will demonstrate how to run a Terraform workflow inside either GitHub workflows or Azure Pipelines. We will close off by touching on some features you can expect in the near future. Whether you are beginning with Terraform or you already have experience with it, this talk got you covered.

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