Thank you for attending Azure Thursday! We hope you’re enjoying the event!

We have some resources for you to help your Cloud Developer journey:

  • Join us on October 21-22 for a two-day virtual event dedicated to Remote Engineering and DevOps. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with teams from GitHub, Microsoft, and local DevOps partners to learn all about managing remote engineering at every stage of development, supporting remote work for developers and adapt Microsoft remote engineering strategies. Schedule & RSVP -
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Don’t forget to claim your Azure Heroes Learner Badger by scanning the QR code you’ll see during this event. For more information on the Azure Heroes community program and to nominate people to receive a suitable badger, head over to If you have any questions about cloud development, ways to learn Azure, or if you run a relevant usergroup/meetup and need support – find us in the chat or shoot us a message on twitter

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